Emin Corrado, son of an italian - iraqi imigrants is born in Munich Germany.
He first startet creating music in 1995, when he came in contact with techno music. The first piece of equipment he bought was a synthesizer and this instrument should be his main inspiration in the future.

His first release was the "Monsters EP" under the pseudonym "The Addiction". The record was released on "Lasergun-Records", the label from "Savas Pascalidis" in 2004. An Oldschool-Electro influenced Record, with deep voices and melancholic atmospheres, on which he worked up his roots. "Perfect Human" was played by DJ Lexy at Loveparade Closing Party" and had heavy rotations worldwide. after this release Emin also started playing live in several clubs.

After a while he started creating new Traxx and redefined his style. One tune from this time-period "This is It" was released on Richard Bartz "Munich Motor City-Compilation", and another one on "Lasergun Compilation 2". He also worked together, with Mister Oldschool-Electro Himself "Steril" on his Vendetta EP, which came out on Kurbel-Records too.

In 2007 he started another project "Barrientos & Corrado" with his old friend DJ Tonio Barrientos. The collaboration had already 2 big releases (No Pc, Corrientos) in 2007 on L¸tzenkirchens Platform B Label and a nother one on EXUN in 2008 (less heat + Guido Schneider RMX).

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